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Full of surprises

About us

Eating should be an experience shared among friends. That’s why we take care over every product we make, to ensure that you get the best out of your time with us. From produce to plate, we only use the highest quality ingredients, and this shows in our desserts snacks and beverages. Why not come and visit us to see for yourself?

A vast selection to feast your eyes on.

Night in gift

Enjoy our fantastic treats with a nice wine or champagne for a cosy night in with a loved one. Ask for details

Healthy yogurt surprises

We use only the best low fat low sugar yogurt to keep you healthy and fighting fit.


DOTS travel the world to bring you treats you will want to savour time and time again.


Drop in and see us at your local shopping center today

Yogurt and fresh fruit Breakfast

Dairy and non dairy yogurt with fresh fruits granola seeds and nuts to give you that healthy start which tastes as good as it looks.

Our promise

We promise you our produce is the absolute best it can be hand made on our premises by highly trained chefs bringing you surprises and treats from around the world.


Bubble tea

Natural bubble teas made fresh on demand

Cheese teas

A totally new experience.  You have to taste to believe

Twisted potato hotdog

Crispy hot and delisious.

Tasty bites and beverages to get you through you day 

Tuiti fruiti

We can make just about anything you can imagine.

Real pastry and culinary art chefs

We care about every little detail and use the best of ingredients.  Taste and believe.

Pizza bites

Sometimes we need a little savoury


DOTS Doughnuts

How about our own secret recipe doughnuts made on the spot.

Churro hotdog

Hotdog style churro unique to Dots

Cookie style Taco

Another first by Dots !.

Watching a MOVIE ?  Make it special with DOTS !

Bubble waffle salad taco

Healthy and tasty too

DOTS Churro Loops

Fantastic with a coffee on the go. Where else would you find this but DOTS.

Yogurt Rolls

Delicious fat free pro biotic yogurt freshly rolled in a gluten free taco just for you.

About us

Waffle savoury sandwich

DOTS..... Do it different.

Churro topped cupcake

Baileys flavoured churro topped cupcake..Sounds great for a wedding...

Bubble cone 

Who else but Dots could make a cone like this ?  Nobody can !

From around the world


Make that party special. Speak to a member of staff for details..

Belgian waffle treats

A little magic never hurts......

Quality desserts made from decadent ice creams and real chocolate

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About us

Crispy bacon n cheese rolls

Another first.  These unique rolls are a great option made fresh to order. YUM !

Ferrero Oreo Delight

Two kings brought together.  Taste to believe

Ice cream rolls

Its finally here..  your very own blends made right in front of you. Yog or ice cream.

About us

Cupcake specials

Order your cupcake specials for parties with a touch of class from Dots

Party catering

Let us worry about it so you don't have to.
Attention to detail to make your occasion even more special.

Churro sticks

Nutella chocolate custard jams cream... an endless list as we make them ourselves.